Results for year 2016

2016 was a year when a number of 86 persons benefited from our support!

The following are services provided by AZPV during 2016:

Accommodation, food, maintenance, support for an independent life – self- intendance, advice, personal development, counselling, support/young people insertion in the society, a better communication relationship with the natural family, medical treatments and clinical checking, monitoring, intervention plan within the family, assessment and reassessment sheet, emotional support, emotional establishing, toys, the payment of a rent/accommodation, orientation towards sportive activities, searching for a job, dental care services, legal counselling, monitoring the youngster and training courses.

Together with warm-hearted people, we made a team!


Social worker – employee 1,
Psychologist –  1 volunteer,
Psychotherapist – employee – 1,
General Practitioner – volunteer – 1,
Personal development – volunteer – 1 – 1,
Training courses/profession – Volunteer- 1,
Lawyer – Volunteer – 1,
Communication service – volunteer  -1,
Accountant – employee – 1,
Project coordinator – volunteer  – 1,
Didactic professor – 1,
Other volunteers, too  – 3

 Total 14 People

 8 beneficiaries/ youngsters who left the state and private social protection system in Brașov, benefited from the Project ,,O casa pentru Viitor”/ ”O house for the future”.

– 14 girls in Foster Care Centre ”Aurora” in Codlea in partnership with DGASPC benefited from Project ,,Orientarea profesională și dezvoltarea personală a adolescenților/ ”Professional orientation and personal development of adolescents”

– 31 children + 4 youngsters (come) from the state and private foster care centres, benefited from charitable actions, support and material help from the association.

 – 10 underprivileged families, with a total number of 29 children, benefited from charitable actions, support and material help from the association.

About the period of the Project ,,O casa pentru Viitor” December 2015  –  September 2016  it was a beautiful period for us, but also full of experience and a lot of work


   We started the project ,,O casă pentru viitor”, project designed for youngsters come from the state system and underprivileged young people, who after 18 years, if they do not attend higher education courses must leave the system. We knew that we would face a fight in searching for the apartment, which we were supposed to rent, but especially an owner who would accept us with all the necessary legal obligations, in order to perform our project within their own house. We found one, with huge difficulty, after several closed doors…

The beneficiaries of the project ”O casă pentru viitor”, were 8 youngsters aged between 20 and 24 years.  We started with small steps, but the fear to start this project, did not lack. We were not sure if we could continue it towards the end. We were financially unprepared and we did not have a clear idea about possible costs, as well as the problems which were supposed to appear during the project which focus on the social reintegration of the youngsters in difficulty, as it is called today youngsters insertion.


We took it in our head! We started with the boys to search for jobs, and we succeeded! We identified for each one the personal problems and the lacking things, and thus we managed to develop through different types of workshops! In fact, we succeeded to understand the meaning for life, and to trust us and to make our life independent. Of course, we cannot say that mainly we had unpleasant experiences, and others were funny, such as:
– “The first boy took care of laundry… put all the clothes no matter their colour and turn it on! He forgot to put the outlet tube in the bath tube to drain the water… and in the end, what happened? A total mess! And of course all the water drained in the house and it flooded the neighbour…”

– “The second boy, nervous he was going shopping… each one with his list, and with his shopping basket, having a budget of 200 lei. Raddled, he was touching all the food, putting in the basket all he wanted, but also what was on the list… we arrived at the cash point! In the basket there were products exceeding our budget, they valued 400 lei and he did not understand why. But in fact, he took what he wanted and what was expensive…”
– “The third boy wanted to cook, some Bolognese pasta. He put the water to boil with the meat, all the condiments, and when he saw the water boiling, he showed us enthusiastically lifting the lid of the pan that he had cooked the pasta (admittedly, he flew the water) but what was there, only we know because consequently besides a ”such a good dinner” he forgot the gas on and the alarm activated, and we had to call the gas emergency department in the middle of the night because we did not know how to shut off the alarm….”

Of course, the clothes were not all the time at their place, and after some warnings without any result, we started to put the clothes in bags and donate them to poor people in the streets. Like any boy, the arguments because of the house work were not missing, but in the end, together we decided to draft a rule, where each one with his ”part”, having a day for shopping and a clear schedule with who is cooking;

     Beautiful and emotional moments have not missed! There were with us, at football matches, walks on kick scooter or on roller skates, walks in the town, singing bigbox or other creative and pleasant activities. We ended by being close to each other and considering us a family. Each of us told his life experience and the things we had to face and together we understood the meaning of life.  And here we are at that moment when we say goodbye when the tears, strong hugs, encouraging words avail, when we say goodbye to three of these boys, who left to work abroad in SWEDEN, ITALY AND ENGLAND and the others are established here.

    ,,For us, it is an accomplishment to know that they succeeded to integrate in society, taking into consideration that from 40 children leaving the system, 4 succeed to integrate into the community.
     ,Zâmbește pentru viitor” Association is a second association which took care and offered accommodation for the integration of young people in need within Brașov community after the age of 18 all over the Brașov county area, from all 5 associations in the county with the same aim in supporting the young people leaving the state system. We tried and we hope we opened their mind and soul, that we encouraged them for the day it will come.”

We thank first of all to the boys who tried as much as they could, they succeeded together with the AZPV team, with the help of the our collaborators in Madrid, Community Foundation Brașov, Donors Meeting 3rd edition, Tradutex Brașov.