Christmas Charitable Concert – 2016 

Our friends in Madrid from JENDRIX School of Studies, organized on Saturday, 3rd of December 2016 from 20:30 this EVENT. BLACK BIRD group are the members of the concert who accomplished all the steps in organizing this charitable concert. The greatest part of the charitable concert was the drawing for an ACOUSTIC GUITAR for the NGO. This guitar was provided by  MADRID MUZICALE și ESEURI JENDRIX.

       Of course we had the occasion the see a duet with ANA and MARCOS, aged 12, WILLIS group was next, formed by 4 boys aged 17, and the last band ”PASĂREA NEAGRĂ” composed as a mature band, and of course promoters of the EVENT.
We thank the team from MADRID who organized the charitable event through a musical concert, which supported the Project: „Dar din Dar, Un ZÂMBET pentru Crăciun” 2016 – dedicated to the needy children from underprivileged families within Brașov community. The collected sum/ donated was of 1.400 euro.

We would like to thank all who collaborated and involved closely in this project!


Donors Meeting 3rd ed. – Community Foundation Brasov – 2016

Dear friends, we had a great weekend! It is hard to describe what happed at the Donors Meeting – 3rd edition, but we want to share with you our feelings and the joy we experienced there during and after the event. First of all our participation to the Donors Meeting was a brand new experience, full of emotions, especially when Rupi remembered his past, but in the same time when he indicated and motivated what he fought for – saving these young people who leave the foster care centres. We want to thank for their presence and support our ambassadors association in Spain – Mr. Jesus Martinez Martin and Jose Manuel Leonardo Casado, who accepted our invitation and reserved their time to be at this event; the over 100 guests, people with a big heart who I met there and who showed their availability to financially support our project, offering us beside this other type of help: human resources for psychological and social assistance, volunteers for different activities, a massage course for one of the beneficiaries, a valuable basket/month with food for a period of time, mentoring program for the development of our young people for 6 months, and others; and not the least, we want to thank The Community Foundation Brașov for the chance they gave us!