What kind of change can they make?

We can get involved right now

Have you ever wondered what happens with the orphan children when they grow up, after the age of 18? We all have our life story, but there are orphan brothers whose life story is full of obstacles and pain …. As we all know what it means and how much you have to struggle in a wild world, when you want to be heard, helped and morally, emotionally supported and you don’t have the door to knock on…

– you will determine a greater competitiveness of your company through an improved image by the contribution to an important social cause;

– you will inspire much more respect among your employees, who will be proud to work for a company which involves in social causes; for the children in foster care centres or the deinstitutionalized – underprivileged families) among the most mediatised in the environment – institutionalized or deinstitutionalized children through which we want to provide them a future, a decent one – a roof above their head, continuing the education and their social integration, as we started, we do this thing with pleasure and we will keep it on doing with pleasure.

Money or goods sponsorship

The most common manner of social involvement is the one of sponsorship through which a company offers a certain sum of money or a quantity of goods to a non-profit entity. It is an easy manner through which a company may support a certain cause and which allows it to benefit from deductions.

For legal persons (companies): According to Fiscal Code, art. 21, paragraph 4, letter p: the tax payers have the possibility to deduce from the profit tax due the afferent sums for sponsorships and/or patronage if the following conditions are cumulatively fulfilled:

  1. are within the limit of 0.5‰ of their turnover
  2. it does not exceed 20% of the due income tax

For authorize physical persons (APP): The physical persons authorized to perform economic activities independently will have the possibility to deduce from their gross income the sponsorship expenditures made according to the law, within the limit of 5 % in a computation basis.

This computation basis is determined as a difference between the gross income and deductible expenditures, other than the one for sponsorships, patronage or protocol. The sponsorships may be in money or goods. The sponsorship involves the conclusion of an agreement in two true copies between the sponsor and the beneficiary, with a seal and signature respectively a registration number. In order that this agreement has a legal value there must be the proof of sponsorship offer/receipt.

This represents:

» receipt or payment order for the money sponsorship;

» delivery receipt protocol or zero invoice for goods.

“Donate 20% from the income tax” is designed for legal persons, which have profit and can donate 5%.


– Because we care about the present and the future of the abandoned children, who leave the state centres, because we used to be like them.

– Because they are children whose potential may be developed and they may be integrated in the society;

– Because we want to get involved in the integration education, self – intendance in the community of these children and underprivileged youngsters leaving the foster care centres.

-Because we care about our society and because it does not cost you anything to contribute in this manner!
What do I have to do?

Everything resumes to concluding a Sponsorship Agreement between your company and ZAMBESTE PENTRU VIITOR Association,

After using the donated sum, you will receive a report on the manner your money were spent and the impact it had on the people with special needs.

Involve and be with us.

Only together we can succeed!

Thank you!


You can support our activity through money direct donations and goods, at our office from Serii Street no. 2 apt. 03 CP 500103 – Brasov.

Offering some sponsorship as a physical or legal people;

You can support us too through singular donations or monthly donations in our donation account,

Banca Comercială Română – Brașov:

IBAN RON account – RO 08 RNCB 0053145516340001

IBAN EURO account – RO 78 RNCB 0053145516340002


Clothes and shoes for boys and girls, products for personal hygiene – (we ask you that the donated objects are in a good conditions, respectively, new ones for the hygienic items), food products, cleaning products, etc. (at the association head office).

Thank you!